IMG_0664Getting Your Products To Market.

The ABDC network can offer access to a suite of technology services to help develop new biomaterial products to aid in commercialization.

  • Access to biomass feedstock development, breeding, agronomy and crop optimization.
  • Expertise in agriculture and forestry fibre processing, modification and scale up.
  • Support for product development and testing such as biocomposites, biochemical, green building products, pulp and paper and textiles.


ABDC’s partners maintain a strategic wealth of information to enhance the biomaterial industry in Alberta. ABDC partners have focused their efforts to offer clients a place where they have access to the range of testing they require to bring their products to market.


  • Rapid analysis of poplar, hemp, flax, wheat and triticale straw powder samples for cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin, ash, and extractives content
  • Rapid analysis of decorticated hemp and flax fibres powder samples for bast fibre content
  • Material testing and evaluation (strength, impact, hardness, fatigue/creep life)
  • Durability testing (wear, corrosion, permeability, weathering, cold/hot)
  • Performance testing (R value, fire)
  • Metallographic and micro-analysis (optical microscopy; SEM)
  • Chemical and thermal analysis
  • Prototype testing
  • Mechanical testing
  • Analysis of chemical composition of lignocellulosic biomass

ABDC’s access to feedstock specialists offer solutions to enhance plant characteristics that contribute to better quality end products. They will work with you to develop raw material to suit your needs.

ABDC’s network has capabilities in producing, processing and creating products from industrial hemp, flax, cereal crops, grasses and wood fibres.


  • Genomics research
  • Marker assisted breeding
  • Cultivation research
  • Germplasm evaluation
  • Agronomics research and assessments (harvest dates, tillage systems, winter retting etc.)
  • Post-genomic platform research
  • Biomass inventory
  • Quality assessments
  • Species identification


  • Non GMO molecular technologies (designer fibres & seed)
  • Automated reverse genetics operations (ARGO) steam extraction
  • Molecular (DNA) markers


Feedstock is an important component of bio-industrial product development. The nature of feedstock can influence energy use, cost and environmental impact. We recognize that an excellent feedstock supply is essential to growing the bioeconomy and so we continue to look for new technology, research and processes that will enrich feedstock characteristics.

We are committed to your success in developing biomaterial products. That’s why we have a suite of services that encompass material development. ABDC’s network of material development expertise ranges from wear engineering to plastics, material blending to design and product development. Our expertise extends into the areas of structural and non-structural building materials, material feasibility and cellulose fibres.


  • Applied material research
  • Applied waste material research
  • Engineering and design
  • Testing services
  • Consultation
  • Technology development
  • Research plan support
  • Chemical processing of waste
  • Physical waste processing
  • Thermo-chemical waste processing


  • Panel Manufacturing Pilot Plant
  • Preheater and microwave technology
  • Steam injection pressing
  • X-ray density scanner
  • Pressman
  • Biopolymers
  • Blowline and dry blending systems
  • Pilot Plant (fibre preparation, binder addition, mat forming and pressing/trimming)

Connecting with us will allow you access to materials experts who are dedicated to meeting your needs.

ABDC’s partners have the capability to develop economically viable refining processes and advance chemical conversion. We can provide you with services and technology to advance the biochemical


  • Applied research
  • Structure characterization
  • Application identification
  • Consultation
  • Treatment and derivatization of cellulose
  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Catalyst use efficiency
  • Component separation
  • Chemical processing
  • Deconstruction
  • Biomass modification


  • Alkaline processing
  • Acid processing
  • Steam extraction
  • Converting biomass into chemicals
  • Ozonolysis-hydrogenation plant
  • Polyol pilot plant

At ABDC, we can process forestry and agricultural fibres into feedstock. We have the capacity to process fibre at the pilot-plant level and facilitate commercialization. Our team can process fibre to meet a variety of requirements.



  • Process development and engineering
    • Bench-scale product development and proof-of concept
    • Pilot scale demonstration
    • Startup assistance
    • Quality troubleshooting
  • Product development
    • Economic assessment
    • Commercialization assistance
    • Funding assistance



  • Dry mechanical processing (decortication) of bast fibre crops
  • Wet mechanical processing (e.g. desilication, stock prep refining, screening, centrifugation)
  • Chemical processing/pulp technology (degumming, chemical pulping, chemical extraction)
  • Size reduction
  • Fibre milling
  • Fibre screening and fractionation
  • Extrusion technology