Who we are

The Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre (ABDC) is a virtual entity drawing upon a network of resources from participating agencies; Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education and Alberta Innovates – Bio Solutions. ABDC is a team made up of engineers, scientist, business officers, client managers, administrative assistants and management that coordinate the resources of Alberta to commercialize new products using biomaterials. By connecting with us, you are connected to the biomaterial network that encompasses the Province of Alberta.

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What we do

We offer a variety of services through ABDC’s participating agencies; our three focus areas include business, technology and information services. The combination of these services enables ABDC to work with clients from seed to product commercialization. We work with clients at various stages to help commercialize biomaterial products in Alberta and utilize Alberta feedstocks.

Our Vision

Have Alberta recognized as a global leader in the biomaterials industry, with a rapidly growing base of dynamic and profitable companies that are making a significant contribution to our economy.

Our History

Agriculture and forestry fibres played an integral role in people’s lives for millennia, filling many of our most essential needs for both clothing and shelter. With the emergence of low cost synthetic materials based on petroleum, utilization of agricultural fibres in daily applications has fallen out of favour to the point where their historical importance has largely been forgotten.  Forestry fibres have managed to maintain a more significant role in Canada’s economy in applications such as pulp and paper and building products. However, increasing international competition and technological change has made this sector re-examine traditional markets and look at new opportunities that use forestry fibre to create biomaterial products.

In 2006, the Alberta Government engaged in a major strategic planning exercise entitled the “Alberta Fibre Road Map” to investigate pathways by which the forestry and agricultural industries could prosper.  The Alberta Fibre Road Map indicated that the utilization of agricultural and forestry fibres are a major factor in the economy and are on the verge of a rebirth. This report led to the creation of the Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre.

The Alberta Biomaterials Development Centre (ABDC) was founded in 2009 by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures, and Alberta Sustainable Resource Development, with financial support from Alberta Advanced Education and Technology, to contribute to the development of, and support of, Alberta’s emerging bioeconomy.